Our Take

The Eddy Merckx range takes inspiration from the legendary achievements of the greatest cyclist of all time. With each model named after one of his supreme wins or phenomenal statistics, these bikes are set to inspire you to your greatest feats yet.

The relaunch of Eddy Merckx has culminated in a new philosophy of ‘less is more’. Discrete and modest, but unique and powerful at the same time. Now sharing the same production and R&D facilities of Ridley, we’re excited to be a part of the historic success of Eddy Merckx.


Our 525 will be at the summum of balancing weight, aerodynamics and comfort. It will be the preferred partner of Oliver Naesen when racing cobbles or battling the wind during the hardest Classics. Romain Bardet will use it to tackle the hardest racing days during his Grand Tours and Classics. Finding balance is the hardest thing to do, but when you succeed it’s just perfect.


Eddy Merckx opened his own factory in 1980. His steel Eddy Merckx Corsas were the absolute pinnacle of racing bikes. Everybody dreamed of racing a Corsa, which is why Eddy launched the Strada: to reach a big public.

The Strada placed itself just below the Corsa. It was made from Columbus tubes and aimed for the same qualities, but at a lower price point. Those were the keywords of the Eddy Merckx Strada. When we relaunched Eddy Merckx Steel, we wanted to make a clear link with Eddy’s past as a world-class frame builder. That’s why we opted to use Strada and Corsa.