The FLandrien Hotel

Iconic cycling in the flanders

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As you know,  we are big on Belgium bikes, especially Ridley.

So when we discovered this boutique Belgium bike hotel, with it’s cycling mad owners, their collection of iconic bikes, and cycling oriented setup, we just had to tell you about it.

Featuring ride outs, training camps or just to use as a base to explore some of the worlds most famous cobble rides & races, available throughout the year.

We have got you a discounted 2Pedalz rate with some additional benefits. Read through and get in touch with the guys at The Flandrien and mention 2Pedalz in your enquiry.

How it started.

The hotel is the brainchild of Australian Jamie Anderson.
As a competitive cyclist, Jamie was frequently astounded by the woeful experience of staying at hotels on his international cycling trips.

And so the The Flandrien Hotel was born. Its a boutique hotel located in the heart of the Flanders region that is 100% geared towards serving cycling tourists.

Getting there

Where THEY Are

The hotel has an amazing location smack in the middle of the route of the Tour of Flanders and is in easy reach of iconic climbs such as De Muur, Berendries and Bosberg. But guests need to know exactly where to ride, so the Flandrien Hotel has partnered with Cycling in Flanders (the Tourism Flanders team focused specifically on cycle tourism) to create a whole series of GPS routes than can be downloaded from the hotel’s website.

Your Stay


The check-in process is largely automated, with guests having the ability to check-in online 48 hours before arrival. So when they arrive at the hotel there is no lining up at the reception desk – because there is no reception desk.
Guests are checked in with a few clicks on an iPad in the Clubhouse bar while being served a coffee or tea – and can typically be out on their bikes within less than 45-minutes.


The rooms at the Flandrien Hotel are simple and functional with comfortable beds, hot shower, and high-speed Internet. More important are the areas for relaxing, dining and socialising so the owners have invested in creating a “home away from home” ambience for people to come together to meet and to share their stories. Belgian beer is of course part of the experience, and the Flandrien has a wide variety of local brews.




The hotel also features an Art Gallery that exhibits artworks by Belgian cycling photographers, painters and sculptors. 

In the building is a classic bicycle collection that has been recognised as one of the “best in the world” by Cyclist Magazine.


As a home away from home for cyclists they offer essential services such free self-service washing machine & dryer,  indoor trainers.

The hotel can provide airport pickup and transfers to the historical centres of Geraardsbergen & Oudenaarde.


There is a workshop where guests can unpack and assemble their bikes, and the hotel provides storage for both boxes and bikes in secure storage rooms.

The hotel also offers an SOS pickup and complementary bike replacement service. 


For the 2pedalz Community.

The whole experience at the Flandrien Hotel aims to inspire guests, give them peace of mind, and to immerse them in the cycling heritage of the region.

The hotel is a preferred partner of 2Pedalz and offers our customers discounted room rates and preferential bookings during peak periods.

Email with your accommodation request.