Bike Knowledge

The box shipped from the factory to us has the bike “part assembled” inside with plenty of card and plastic wrapping for protection. This part assembly / packaging combo is optimised to be sent via courier (i.e. survive a bit of crunching and dropping). Many of the “cheaper” online bike stores will ship you this box. However, you will need a fair amount of bike knowledge to safely put it together from this.

Delivered Ready to Ride

Other stores will part build the bike and repackage it into a new box. However the problem with this is it’s more prone to damage (with less packaging it’s not as good at surviving all that crunching and dropping we mentioned earlier). This damage may not always be apparent until you are out on the road, so it can be pretty difficult to send back at that stage.

Safely Assembled by Experts

So that’s why we put all our bikes together and deliver them ourselves. You get the peace of mind of a bike shop build and then we put it into one of vans fully built and drive it directly to you. No courier, no crunching and certainly no dropping – we all get piece of mind of delivery.

Careful bike comparison

When you are comparing prices online, make sure you are getting the bike built and hand delivered, not just a reship of the manufacturer’s box or a part built bike in worse packaging. If you find a safe, fully built, hand delivered bike cheaper from anywhere else, then let us know and we will look to match the price where we can.

We look forward to building your next bike!