Love the look of our bikes and want the best way to finance them?

Why pay Finance charges and interest when often the best way to buy your bike is through your employer using the “Cycle to work” scheme.

This scheme allows you to buy a bike and get the cost offset against your tax. The higher your tax rate the more you save. You then spread the payments over an agreed time period with your employer (12 or 24 months are most common but it can be more). Whats more you don’t need to ride your bike to work.

Your employer would organise this, but we work with all the key cycle to work scheme providers and Cyclescheme below have provided a short video explaining how it works…

What are the Benefits?

Expert Advice.

Maybe you want to cycle to other places than work, we can offer a great range of bikes that suit all types of journeys.


Our Promise to you.

Using the Cycle to Work scheme through 2pedalz means you get the additional bonus of having your bike built by the experts. Check out some of our recent work.


Delivering your Bike.

We wont send you a bike in the post, we like to meet our customers. Once its built we will deliver it to your door, ready to ride the morning commute.


Bikes we offer

Here’s a little more info on what bikes we have available.


We have one of the best selection of Ridleys in the country. Take a look for yourself.



Super classy bikes from Italy.




British designed, long lasting and a beauty to ride.


Some Further Benefits.

No limit.

There used to a limit to how much you can spend on a bike, not anymore.

Helping the environment.

Everyone knows the benefits to the environment when cycling instead of driving to work.
Do that bit more.

Keeps you fit.

Want to shed some pounds? Need to go to work?
Well, combine the two and cycle to work on a tax free bike
and you will be feeling fitter in no time.

Its not just The Green Commute Initiative that do this?

If you or your employer are using another partner to purchase a bike tax free, then we can also accommodate you. Feel free to call or email to discuss.


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